Tuesday 22 March 2016

Horrorshow Hot Dog festival audience award

Crazy For You has won another award, this time for Audience Favourite at the Horrorshow Hot Dog Short Film Festival. Look at that bling! That's the blingiest hotdog you'll ever see, I bet. Thank you to the lovely audience for voting for it, and to the festival itself for choosing it as part of their selection. The audience award is the best possible award as far as I'm concerned.

It'll go on the shelf next to the lovely Crystal Palace International Film Festival award for Best Horror/Sci-Fi, and the Fantasporto Best Screenplay award for Severance.

Thank you to the lovely folk at the festival, I was in excellent company and am really chuffed the audience enjoyed the short so much.

Thursday 18 February 2016

Los Angeles Short Film Festival

Crazy For You is screening at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival, and has been nominated for their Best Screenplay award!

It screens on Saturday March 5th at 8pm, as part of the Comedy Program, tickets are $12 on the door, or $10 online. More details on the other shorts and awards here, and tickets are available from the same link. That's on my birthday, which makes it a lovely present for me.

The awards ceremony is on Sunday March 6th, at 4pm. Tickets for that are $20, or $15 online. I was hoping to get over for the screening and awards, but flights and timing didn’t work out, so I’ll have to cross my fingers from here.

The festival is in beautiful Santa Monica, so if you’re in the area and fancy seeing some great shorts, go and check it out. The other shorts sound great, it looks like a really cool festival.

The short is coming towards the end of its festival run now, and it's great to see how many festivals and awards it's collecting. When the last screenings have finished, it will enter the next stage of its life - I'm exploring a couple of avenues where everyone will be able to see it outside of festivals. Watch this space.

Sunday 29 November 2015

Crazy For You award

Crazy For You just won Best Horror/Sci-Fi at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival! And they gave me this beautifully designed, very cool trophy:

Thank you to all the lovely people who run the festival, Roberta and Neill put on a fantastic event. And a million thank yous to all you amazing backers, who helped to make the short film a reality.

Thursday 22 October 2015

Buried Alive Film Festival

Atlanta people, and people who could possibly get to Atlanta!

Crazy For You will screen at the Buried Alive Film Festival in Atlanta, as part of the Lighter Shade of Blood Red shorts selection, on Sunday November 15th, at 12pm.

They've got loads of great stuff playing, including Bad Guy #2, which you should see if you get a chance, it's hilarious. Played at FrightFest and went down a storm, check it out. Oh, go see my short too! It's not as gory but hey, isn't it time for some light romcom action in between all the horror?? Sure, he's a serial killer, but even serial killers need love.

Full details and the schedule are here, and you can buy tickets for this shorts selection here.

Monday 12 October 2015

Crystal Palace International Film Festival

Crazy For You screens at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival on Friday 13th(!) of November at 7.45pm, as part of the Horror/Sci-Fi Night. Festival info is here, details of the night itself are here, and tickets for all nights are available here.

I'll be attending the evening of shorts, so say hello if you're there!

Twin Cities Horror Festival

Crazy For You has been chosen to screen as part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival in Minneapolis, in the HorrorShow Hotdog strand, on Sunday October 25th at 5.30pm, along with several other shorts. Full details and tickets are available here!

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Vivisections International Horror Shorts screening

Crazy For You screens as part of the Best of Vivisections International Horror Shorts in Philadelphia on April 19th at 6.30pm.

It's $10 for 106 minutes of horror shorts, so go along and see some cool stuff. Including mine! Obviously. Details and tickets are available at this link right here.