Thursday, 10 October 2013

Reviews so far

As we've only done two festivals, reviews are a bit scarce so far - but here are two lovely recent ones:

Screen Daily
"Narrowly taking the crown from Paul Davis’ darkly inventive The Body was James Moran’s sublime Crazy For You, both of which – incidentally – starred Hannah Tointon and both of which delivered on their premise. The former centres on a murderer who uses Halloween to transport his latest victim in plain sight, while the latter is a twisted rom-com about a serial killer who gets an unfortunate urge to kill whenever confronted with polka dots."

UK Horror Scene
"I was looking forward to Crazy For You immensely as I am a big fan of writer James Moran (Severance, Cockneys vs Zombies, Tower Block) . Crazy For You is his directorial debut and was wonderful. Charlie (Arthur Darvill) is a serial killer who falls madly in love with Jessica (Hannah Tointon). The trouble is that Charlie completely loses it when he sees polka dots (ever since he saw his father murdered) , and this is making dating Jessica very difficult. Should he tell her, keep it a secret or will it all come out in time?
Crazy For You was what I expected and even more. It has James Moran’s wicked dark sense of humour along with a stunning bright and vivid style that just lit up the entire theatre. A really great short film that shows what a great director James Moran will one day become. 9/10."

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