Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fantastic Fest ahoy!

It's up on their site now, so I can finally tell you that Crazy For You will be playing at this year's Fantastic Fest, in Austin, Texas!

All of my work has played there so far, making that and FrightFest the only two festivals that have screened all of my film work. It's a great festival, run by lovely people, and I can't wait to hear what the audiences make of this short.

I can't make it over there this time, flights are too pricey to justify, and I have a script deadline at the end of this month, but producer extraordinaire Jen Handorf will be there to represent the short, and I *think* will be doing a q&a if there is one.

Screening dates and times will be announced soon, but the short is part of a selection called Short Fuse 2014, so that's the one you should keep an eye on.

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