Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cast announcement

We are very excited to announce our wonderful lead cast. Drumroll please... What's the emoticon for "drumroll"?? Okay, here are our leads:

ARTHUR DARVILL will be playing the part of Charlie, a rather troubled man looking for love. He has done lots of film, TV and theatre work, and is currently appearing in the play Our Boys, at the Duchess Theatre in London. You may also have seen him in a little-known UK TV show called Doctor Who, in which he played Rory Williams.

HANNAH TOINTON will be playing the part of Jessica, the lucky(?) lady that Charlie falls for. She has done lots of TV work too, including Hollyoaks and The Inbetweeners, and movies including The Children. She very recently appeared on UK screens in the supernatural comedy-drama Switch.

We're all thrilled that they'll be in the short, they're enormously talented, and we're very lucky to have them. Can't wait to see them on screen!

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