Sunday, 16 December 2012

Filming completed!

After all the planning, the preparation, the panicking, and other things beginning with "p", Crazy For You has now been filmed!

We shot from Wednesday 12th December to Friday 14th, at various locations in central London - a rented apartment, a bar, several streets, and a couple of nearby buildings that I'd rather not give away just yet - spoilers...

All went fairly smoothly, despite some *bitterly* cold, icy weather on the first two days, and relentless rain on the the third. We were going for a spring/summery look, which meant Arthur and Hannah were in very thin, light clothing for the whole shoot. They never complained, even during the the outdoor, night time scenes in subzero temperatures. Although warm coats and blankets were always on hand, it was still very hard to cope with, but they did so, with constant good humour, giving us fantastic performances. The crew were similarly amazing and positive, many of them standing out in the pouring rain and freezing cold for hours to get things ready for a shot. A couple of times we had to switch scenes around quickly because of the weather, but everyone dealt with it quickly and brilliantly. Our guest cast of murder victims and detectives were similarly great, and made the whole thing even better.

The footage is looking wonderful, I can't wait to get into the edit and put it all together. And I'm dying for you all to see it! After we've grabbed a pickup shot in January (of a short scene that doesn't need the lead actors), we'll get into the edit properly, think about sound, music, effects, and all that good stuff. Once it's completely finished, our lovely backers will be able to watch it online through a private link, while we start approaching film festivals.

Before that, we'll start releasing promo photos and hopefully the poster will be ready soon. I'll keep you all updated on our progress.

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