Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Editing complete

Our lovely backers should have just got an email with a project update, so go and have a look. The short version is: we have completed editing! Now for the sound, visual effects, music, and grading. Lots of exciting things still to happen, but now the edit is complete, they can all start happening at once.

There'll be another update soon, with a photo, so keep an eye out for that. Once you've seen the film itself (see update for details) then the rest of the packages will start going out - for backers who chose script options, we don't want to send you the script before you've seen the film, as it'll spoil the surprise!

Thank you again for your patience, it'll be worth the wait. Watch this space...

Update to the update (not the planned update, this is a new update *before* that update): Looks like the emails haven't gone out yet, apparently project updates are automatically emailed to all backers, but something must have got stuck. It's on the project page itself, go here and click on Updates - and if you weren't sent *any* emails, you can read the previous updates too. The word "update" has now lost all meaning.


PeaJay said...

I didn't receive an email. :(

James Moran said...

Looks like their automatic email thingy is backed up or something, nobody has been emailed! It's on the Sponsume site though. I'll update the post.

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